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Ok so check the video of the reenactment of the force feeding at Guantanamo Bay. Got so many things to write about, but this is the freshest at my fingertips.

Yassin Bey’s recent reenactment of the force feeding at Gitmo really moved me. It made me brush up on my political awareness and engagement. Yep, I voted. I felt like I voted for the lesser of two evils. I don’t completely have an alternative system to offer, so I contribute to my community the best I can and keep my criticism to a minimum. At the end of the day, what doesn’t work, doesn’t work. Capitalism and the big business democracy here in my country, is not working for MOST here, nor the planet.

Yeah I know, “My President is Black”, I think that is great on a symbolic level for this country and for all the elders who never thought they’d see the day. Even for all the little children that were told their complexion and heritage denied them a place on capitol hill. I think President Barack Obama is quite an upstanding icon as a father, and leadership figure for this country and those of this generation. This has little to do with policy and Changing things. It’s a shame his image is attached to some of the horrible things this country is perpetuating across the planet and at home. 

I don’t have all the answers. I do have a political science BA degree from a Historically Black College University. I am very passionate about planetary and social progressive change for the better of people and their commUnities. I’ve chosen to live and work on the fringes of the “system” as an artist, educator, and organizer because although I benefit from it and the privileges it grants me, the system is unjust and is not sustainable. I’m steady working a plan to get free!

So anyway, like all the great artists of HerStory, Mr. Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), helped bring my humanity back from being a numb and detached passive observer. So much happens everywhere everyday.  Feeling him, I couldn’t take the news the same way I’ve allowed so many other current events to be swept away and unfelt. I did remember hearing about the President committing to closing Guantanamo during his candidacy and again as Commander in Chief.

Check it out:

Many of my elders say, even if he wanted to change things, he’s taken oaths, and tittles, which only allow him to do so much within the perimeters of what the real “powers that be” want. 

I identify as a spiritual being, not a religious one. So, while I would consider myself one who submits to peace and the divine will of the most high, as is my loose definition of Islam, it isn’t my chosen path. As a Human being, I do strongly empathize and am seeking a way to be a better world citizen in solidarity with the Muslims being detained and force fed at Guantanamo Bay as Ramadan is just beginning. 

I don’t know where the finger points in this. The President, Congress, War, the U.N., the U.S. you, me.. I do know that like everything else in existence, I am connected to it, and it effects me.  

Shukran Yasiin Bey for the wake up. I’m working on something about these Drones! Something like: Obi-wan Obomb-ya and the Drone Wars. Feel free to enlighten the people about that! Lemme know if you wanna do a collabo! But that’s a whole different thread..(Kinda)

Assalamu alaikum. 

 I’m Changing the World by Changing Me




Where do we start?



…Does my Mic sound nice check one… is this thing on?!

Ok blog world, Here we go! There’s always so much to say, so much to share. I love to sing, I like to play the guitar. ( Most people know that about me. If you followed me here or just stumbled upon the page, allow me to introduce myself and grow deeper.

….How personal do you get, how real, how honest? The being you see on stage, is a merely and fantastically  human. Some parts light, some parts dark, all changing, all in process. It is my hope to find a new way to share more of me as an artist and a human being. 

 I’m seeing how precious a sincere and safe place of expression is, and how most places in our commUnity and society (cyberspace included) are under attack. I write daily and want to get my work out there. I hope to reflect on my own insights, travels, shows, communities and projects that imprint me.

 So thanks for tuning in for this journey of healing, music, commUnities, Culture, Nature, Family, Love, Sex, Spirituality, radical education, TaiChi, Gung Fu, Organizing..and anything else I hope to write a poem or song about someday.

Peace, Love, Respect,

           More Honesty,

                     More Reality

                               More Possibilities…