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Where do we start?



…Does my Mic sound nice check one… is this thing on?!

Ok blog world, Here we go! There’s always so much to say, so much to share. I love to sing, I like to play the guitar. ( Most people know that about me. If you followed me here or just stumbled upon the page, allow me to introduce myself and grow deeper.

….How personal do you get, how real, how honest? The being you see on stage, is a merely and fantastically  human. Some parts light, some parts dark, all changing, all in process. It is my hope to find a new way to share more of me as an artist and a human being. 

 I’m seeing how precious a sincere and safe place of expression is, and how most places in our commUnity and society (cyberspace included) are under attack. I write daily and want to get my work out there. I hope to reflect on my own insights, travels, shows, communities and projects that imprint me.

 So thanks for tuning in for this journey of healing, music, commUnities, Culture, Nature, Family, Love, Sex, Spirituality, radical education, TaiChi, Gung Fu, Organizing..and anything else I hope to write a poem or song about someday.

Peace, Love, Respect,

           More Honesty,

                     More Reality

                               More Possibilities…